About Sarah Lalone

I was raised in central Connecticut, coastal Massachusetts and rural New Hampshire surrounded by artists who mentored and influenced me. As an adult, I have lived in Washington DC, San Francisco and Massachusetts and traveled throughout the US, parts of South America, the Caribbean islands and Europe. At every stop I have explored and appreciated the architectural and design elements that make each place unique and those experiences shape much of my work.

I am a life stylist, a creator, an imagineer. My passion is to create beautiful, luxurious design that transforms the home of my client into a sanctuary that is dedicated to the wellness and joy of the residents; a personal retreat for quality living; a place to celebrate, rest and relax.

I strive to understand your life style and collaborate with you to craft a design unique to your wants and needs. To that end, I understand and appreciate all styles, whether eclectic, traditional, contemporary or in between, and the talented craftspeople and brilliant artisans who support my work allow me to communicate my vision and transform your home into the quality living space you imagine it to be.